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Global Data Center Brochure
Client: AECOM High Tech

Collected and organized AECOM's global data center project experience, sourced images, and layout development to create a sophisticated marketing brochure for the organization to use to support high-tech/mission-critical initiatives. 

Data Center Qualifications,
Site Selection Due Diligence 

Client: AECOM High Tech, Confidential Client

Healthy Is Beautiful - Marketing Campaign
Client: Club One Fitness, San Francisco, CA

Healthy Is Beautiful is the slogan that inspired the development of Club One’s Q1 campaign. Leading this campaign as Creative Director, I strived to show the beauty of health by using inviting, bold fitness images adorned with decorative frames around the message. My responsibilities included the concept and creation of various club-specific direct mailers, print advertisements, and large-format posters for downtown metro stations and outdoor kiosks. This campaign was generously welcomed, having club locations requesting sets of posters to display as art on their lobby walls.

Green Energy - Marketing Campaign
Client: Frog's Fitness, San Diego, CA
My first big outdoor signage project was the ‘Green Energy’ campaign for Frog’s Fitness, appearing on billboards and transit shelter posters across the San Diego area. This edgy brand was brought to life in these visual messages, conveying energy that connects with the Frog’s tough attitude. Active, black-and-white imagery with a key energy element highlighted in green is the idea behind the campaign. 

Geared toward families and youth programs, I also created club-specific direct mailers, online banner ads, large format, in-club vinyl posters, and marketing materials to promote membership. Creative direction, graphics, layout, and quality vendor relations were provided.

Fitness Center Outreach – Direct Mail, Web Banners, Social, Ads, Promos
Client: Local and National Clients